Sony intends to promote its J-pop groups through blockchain

17. November 2020 Aus Von admin

Sony has announced that it has initiated a partnership with a Bitcoin Bank: Gaudiy. This will in particular promote the J-pop groups belonging to the Japanese multinational.

Sony relies on blockchain for its J-pop groups

The news was reported by local media outlet CoinPost . The commercial alliance between Sony and Gaudiy will “ promote the num e authorization of new areas and create new experience s users“ . It is the fans of J-pop, the Japanese equivalent of K-pop, who will be primarily targeted by this new initiative from Sony.

CoinPost reports blockchain-based testing for “ fans of idol groups” without specifying what the precise use of distributed ledger technologies will be. However, we know that it will be a question of digitizing the entertainment sector and “ creating opportunities to interact directly with users “ .

Sony owns a very diverse range of intellectual property, which goes beyond music, of course with video games and popular manga characters for example

Gaudiy therefore expects this huge catalog to be gradually digitized thanks to the blockchain.

For the moment, the bridges between fans and blockchain had mainly been built in the field of sport . Several football clubs have launched tokens for fans, including Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) at the start of the year. In the field of K-pop, however, we note a surprise collaboration between browser Brave and BTS during the summer.